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In this internet age with so many self-proclaimed “gurus,” “masters,” and “teachers” comes an array of misinformation and confusion. At (my other website), we only wish to share empirical knowledge, and below we have a special offer just for you!

Today you can have a little book that’s written from the pure honesty of a young urban mystic’s heart. It contains many esoteric gems and beautifully written insights about the universe and the complexities of the human mind, consciousness, and existence itself.

Enough with the trendy “spiritual” material and recycled quotes that’s being propagated on the internet and social media. In this book, rhaqim thoroughly points to the Infinite origin of all things in such a way that it provides nothing but true spiritual clarity! With quotes straight out of In’Sight like:

“Beware of those who say “Control your thoughts.” God merely watches all within Its creation. It never intervenes. Do this with thoughts.” —rhaqim

… and stunning in’sight like:

“Consciousness is a ubiquitous wave and field that encompasses existence in the Beginningless moment of uncreation or potential.” —rhaqim

As well as mystically poetic statements like this:

“Existence is a mask worn by Nothingness.” —rhaqim

Don’t let the first 3 dozen buyers of this book be the only ones to know and have rhaqim’s ultra poetic and SELF-EVIDENT in’sightful quotes! Find out what In’Sight is all about for yourself, you don’t wanna miss it! You too can have something that a lot of people will never have, because this book is ONLY for UNIQUE individuals. Trust us, this book is a must have for TRUE open-minded people!

This is an EXCLUSIVE limited edition book, so once the last copies are all sold this little book will be gone forever!!!

Paperback: $50 (Only 7 copies left!) 

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PDF Version: $15 


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